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ARGFest-o-con 2007 San Francisco

The ARG Museum had a display of collected Alternate Reality Games artifacts in San Francisco at ARGFest 2007!

It was a hands-on look at some of the amazing talent that went into the design of many of these objects - from newspapers, to puzzley items, to character heirlooms - you name it! This is the stuff that helps to make ARGs that much more real and tangible.

Other ARGFest Museums

ARGFest 2007 Museum Catalogue

  • [ChangeAgents] -
    • Impermanence CD (varin)
    • Out of Control metal disk (varin)
  • [BMW Film] -
    • The Hire DVD & the pawn (konamouse)
  • [Acheron] -
    • AOL disk (varin)
  • [ILB] -
    • Combat Training pass & lanyard (catherwood)
    • audio DVD (unsigned) (catherwood)
    • CTS lanyard from Nov 2004 (kristen)
    • Training lanyard and autographed DVD (Shadow)
  • [CTW1] -
    • the limited edition CTW/ARGFest Las Vegas Beer Stein (konamouse)
    • stone (varin)
  • [UH] -
    • advertising postcard (konamouse)
    • T-shirt(s) (konamouse)
    • Dead Poems book (konamouse)
    • newspaper article about Cambridge Mental Hospital (varin)
  • [Omnifam] -
    • gold coin (varin)
    • FOR Hylie ribbon (varin)
  • [Sable & Shuck] -
    • tshirt (varin)
  • [LCP] -
    • Vic's hat (and the book that went around the world) (konamouse)
    • complete set chips in display case (konamouse)
    • piece of gun handle (konamouse)
    • Gun trigger guard (celina)
    • piece of gun (thajinx)
    • piece of gun (krystyn)
    • Tombstone Poker (letter from Lucky with instructions) (catherwood)
    • vintage card deck w/ letter from Lucky (won at Tombstone Poker) (bags)
    • "Gun" playing cards (catherwood)
    • Frisco (Shadow)
    • piece of gun (Shadow)
    • LCP T-shirt (Shadow)
    • Extra L.A. chips (Shadow)
  • [Orbital Colony] -
    • Raidar's cookie dog treat (varin)
    • various posters and artwork (varin)
    • Milwaukee Evidence Cache (caspian_x)
    • Ribbon from Stevie (caspian)
  • [CTW2] -
    • the comic book (konamouse)
    • some of the stones (RedHatty)
    • Nature mask (Shadow)
    • Ong's Hat: The Beginning, autographed (Shadow)
  • [A-A] - Late Akalesh-Ascendant, unlaunched
    • Cross City Puzzle & Tin (Incitatus) - (withdrawn)
  • {WiBS] -
    • Crop Circle poster (catherwood)
  • [Sammeeeees] -
    • the Spoocheeeee disc (all pieces & snake) (konamouse)
    • metal pot holding piece 2 (konamouse)
    • my T-shirt (konamouse)
    • my T-Shirt too! (for group photo) (celina)
    • book "The Day He Died" by Henry Kuttner, alias Lewis Padgett. Sent by Mr. Alan Johnson to (danteIL) - (withdrawn)
  • [PxC] -
    • "333" starter pack (catherwood)
    • Red Leitmark and Sente's postcard (Shadow)
  • [MHC] -
    • Big Foot (konamouse)
    • another BigFoot (RedHatty)
  • [AotH]
    • lapel pin (celina)
    • "The Nisha Chronicles: Vol.1" prop from AotH endgame party ("Honey Bunches of Nisha") (celina)
    • AotH backstory card given at the End Party (celina)
    • Email invite to Party from Virgil (celina)
    • "Press Release" for Chronicles of Nisha from End Party (celina)
  • [LGFL] -
    • Various Pictures, beads and Ashes Urn (RedHatty)
  • [EoG] - Enoch of Gatewood
    • Citizenship Papers (RedHatty)
  • [tCotSA] -
    • Various Correspondences (RedHatty)
    • Skull (Shadow, courtesy of rose)
  • [EDOC] -
    • Bad Boy Polo & Loyalty Tee (caspian_x)
    • Player shirt (Shadow)
  • [The Beast]
    • Flesh Fair poster (krystyn)
    • Flesh Fair pennant (krystyn
    • Jeanine Salla business card (krystyn)
    • Endgame poster (thajinx)
    • Flesh Fair movie-worn shirt (celina)
  • [Vaporlofts]
    • Vapor Loftspace t-shirt (thajinx)
  • Miscellaneous Additional items:
    • Stephen Lake's LLL Business Card (konamouse)
    • Jamesi's Golden Ticket (konamouse)
    • Hexeditor CD (konamouse)
    • TerraQuest hat (catherwood)
    • ARGFest Quest Puzzle box and trail cards (NYC) (konamouse)
    • 30 Dr.Pepper Hunt For More labels (FWIW) :P (thebruce)
    • Cathy's Book (so people can see it if they haven't yet) (thebruce)
    • Push,NV eBook by enochonline (catherwood)

No word yet on the following suggested submissions... see below:

  • Metacortechs - Project Mu Archives book by The Metaurchins


  • If anyone has a copy of the prior Argfest DVDs. I'd love to buy/make a copy. Likewise books on ARGs - benh
    • I have a copy of the ARGFest NYC DVD... I think that was the only one that had a DVD made - celina
    • I still have multiple copies of the ARGFest NYC DVD and will bring them along and either hand them out or get them included in the ARGFest registration package, perhaps. - Dave Szulborski
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