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ARGFest-o-con 2009 Portland

The ARG Museum had a display of collected Alternate Reality Games artifacts in Atlanta at ARGFest 2009!

It was a hands-on look at some of the amazing talent that went into the design of many of these objects - from newspapers, to puzzley items, to character heirlooms - you name it! This is the stuff that helps to make ARGs that much more real and tangible.

Other ARGFest Museums

ARGFest 2009 Museum Catalogue

Who ARG/Topic? What
Agent Lex PxC Signed gold card #257 "The Cube," various leitmarks (including 333 and Mind Candy leitmarks), Season 2 Key
BoL/SiD Code wheel
Tru Blood AVL flyer and button
Deus City Folio pages
ARGFest 08 The Beard
RobMagus Urban Hunt "Dead Poems"
Orbital Colony Orbicon promo/rabbithole (from ARGFest NY), space elevator tickets
The Lost Ring Codex of The Lost Ring: Chapter 7 (+ Western Maryland Railway Co. envelope)
Daisy's Gang (ARGFest San Francisco) letter from Daisy, the map puzzle
other materials from past ARGFests promo cards, maps, folders, a part of the NY street quest...
(if anyone else can cover some of this stuff, by all means!)
Monster Hunters Club Bionic Bigfoot, antique syringe
Eldritch rabbithole pkg
C2BK SF Ur2Cruel/Kind doll
Hellboy HETFET letters, Gearway stencil, T-shirt
TDK Joker card, joker photo, green bag, gotham times #1, IBIHD package, joker bobblehead (just cuz)
ILB training event lanyard
Year Zero Ammo box
Charlotte... Tape & newspaper
What is this game code shirt
Citizens of Virtue Tshirt & cards
St.Laudine's Academy launch mail
FTLR rabbithole pkg & trackstick
Seek the six clue cards
WWO pre-launch promo cards
Gears of War COG
This game is a coverup Letter (w/o the jar)
Superman Daily planet newspaper
DavFlamerock Eldritch Jen's Watercolor, George Drawing (printout)
Lost Ring Map of SF labyrinth, Codex of Lost Ring (printout, complete & bound), Jorge postcard, gratuitous amounts of tattoos
IRIS (Halo 3) Complementary IRIS poster
PinkCloud Charlotte is becoming real Postcard, Blue Cat Painting, Code Sheet, Krotzler's Manuscript
NataS Are You Blind PostCard and Glasses
Aporia Agathon School Letter
  Some Other stuff, I can't remember right now!
enaxor Art of The Heist lapel pin from Last Resort Retrieval
Legend of the Sacred Urns Steinitz Skull
Monster Hunter Club Visitor's Guide of Loch Ness, old pull out cloth tape measure with drawing of monster, puzzle grid
Urban Hunt Newspaper article about Cambridge Mental Hospital
Chasing The Wish Illuminated Manuscript Page, Emporium of the Weird bumper sticker
Catching The Wish Graphic Novel, Ash Grove Park poster, Catching The Wish poster
Sammeeeees 1 & 2 Friend of Peeps t-shirt, cd & lyrics of "I dreamed a Dream", Hamsa charm from the SaDN
TDK Batman Mask
Eldritch Errors Coin 1, piece of water color, plastic frogs and lizards, (hoping to have Coins 2 & 3 hint hint)
MetaCortechs Emerson Cd found at Multnomah County Library
Search4E Letters, Pantyhose, CD, etc...
varin Eldritch piece of the water color and trailhead package
Change Agents Music CD, necklace
Chasing the Wish stone
TDK Gotham Girl Guides Cookies
Acheron broken AOL disk
Must Love Robots I might be able to snag something (bwahaha!)
wraith The Beast AI Lion Statue (awarded to team and Cloudmaker moderators)
The Beast AI posters signed by LA Cloudmakers and team (if I can find them...)
The Beast Puppetmaster Pin (again, if I can remember where I put it...)
IneffaBelle Eklipse Global Hernando's Diary and coin
IngenBio Vial of trial medication, ID tag, etc.
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