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ARGFest-o-con 2010 Atlanta

The ARG Museum had a display of collected Alternate Reality Games artifacts in Atlanta at ARGFest 2010!

It was a hands-on look at some of the amazing talent that went into the design of many of these objects - from newspapers, to puzzley items, to character heirlooms - you name it! This is the stuff that helps to make ARGs that much more real and tangible.

Other ARGFest Museums

ARGFest 2010 Museum Catalogue

Who ARG/Topic? What
Dav Flamerock Eldritch Errors EconJen's letter, BA Saint Feline postcard, Anotated Trumpeter Swan map, Drawing of George Compton
The Lost Ring Codex of the Lost Ring, Human Labyrinth rules, Clew, Tattoos, Postcards and poster
Intimation Skull and camera card from Washington Park
The Jejune Institute Jejune ad, Induction card, Elsewhere envelope/card, Wooden nickel, Tooth of a nonchalant, Radio nonchalance transcript, Sound of Ascension CD, Reconstruction Project guide, Golden Cassette envelope/card, Lost Mix Tape.
Mare Vitreum Mare Vitreum glass
Flynn Lives (Tron) Personalized Encom Badge, 89 pin, 89 Stickers, Flynn Lives poster
Marble Hornets/Just Another Fool Joshua Allon's Notebook
Tonamel Eldritch Errors Book 1 Coin, small plastic black cat, Secret Agent Cthulhu
The Jejune Institute GDC 2009 promotional postcard
The Cyphers Episodes "Awaken!" postcards
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