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ARGFest-o-con 2011 Bloomington

The ARG Museum had a display of collected Alternate Reality Games artifacts in Bloomington at ARGFest 2011!

It was a hands-on look at some of the amazing talent that went into the design of many of these objects - from newspapers, to puzzley items, to character heirlooms - you name it! This is the stuff that helps to make ARGs that much more real and tangible.

Other ARGFest Museums

ARGFest 2011 Museum Catalogue

ARG/Topic? Who What
39 Clues Will (Studio Cypher) Full set of first run of cards
Possibly also our never-before-seen monster demo cards!
The Big Chill
Lost Zombies Addlepated "Infected" stickers
Perplex City
Eklipse Global
The Black Helix
Animism: The God's Lake
Eldritch Errors Varin/Addlepated Watercolor piece, postcard and coin
Urban Hunt Pixie Dead Poems book

original game prop that was a newspaper article about Cambridge Mental Institution

Chasing the Wish Pixie One of the original 9 stones {with only 3 full sets ever made}
CTW 2: Catching the Wish Pixie/Addlepated Mask of Knowledge {with a little note card that says fragile please do not touch}

Comic, Ashgrove park tickets, clue from a live drop, and a "Dale Sprague" signed print
Rune stone

ChangeAgents Pixie "Impermanence" cd from "the very first grassroots ARG ever" {Dave's wording!}

The rare metal disk from third and final game, Out of Control

Staff of the Magi
Studio Cypher
Socks Inc. Martin Aggett one of the world's first taxidermically preserved sock puppets
Socks Inc. Varin Basil, the groundskeeper
Township Heights
Opus Populi
Orbital Colony Varin Orbicon credit card application and travel brochure
St. Laudine's Academy
Must Love Robots Varin Pastor Ludd's eyeball & protest posters
Legend of the Sacred Urns Varin skull
The Game is a Coverup
What is this game?
Citizens of Virtue
Sherlock Holmes
Ingenbio Pixie Kendall ID
Year Zero
Levis - Go Forth
Super 8/Rocket Poppeteers
Last Call Poker
Charlotte is Becoming Real Varin/Addlepated Tape recorder
Find the Lost Ring
World Robot Boxing
I Am Blind
Clawshun Industries/Superman ride kwool "Bizarro!" newspaper
Monster Hunters Club
Test Subjects Needed kwool LED whirlybird with packaging
Why So Serious kwool "City At War" newspaper; I Believe in Harvey Dent button
Flynn Lives kwool pins: 89, Flynn Lives, Punch Out, Light Cycles, IMAX 3D; Encom employee badge; Encom game catalog postcards; IMAX 3D glasses; neutral state Bit
There's Something in the Sea
The IHC Pixie Large labeled bag from SDCC
Stop the International
Project Abraham
Violette's Dream Addlepated Nazi gold
Mosaic Collective
I Love Bees Pixie Post-game DVD
Art of the Heist Pixie The Last Resort retrieval pin
Promo: Gears of War 2
Promo: The Prisoner
Hex 168
Promo: Brink
Fear Net
Promo: Alice in Wonderland
MNU / District 9
Seek the Six
World Without Oil
Omnifam Addlepated ARGFest 2005 puzzle and Rambaldi coins
Butterfinger Addlepated Seth Green's gym card and ransom note
Centian Addlepated Buttons from SXSW
Ruby's Bequest Addlepated Challenge coin and postcards
Aguatero Industries kwool framed print; water bottle label

Other items/books:

Who What
Past ARGFest-o-con items
Wired Magazine, JJ Abrams special
Michael Andersen Wired Magazine, Underworld special
Michael Andersen Personal Effects: Dark Art
Michael Andersen Skeleton Creek (plus two Dredge postcards)
Michael Andersen Trackers (Book 1 only)
Michael Andersen 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones
Michael Andersen (CB#1) Cathy's Book, Cathy's Ring, Cathy's Key
The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt: Quest for the Golden Eagle
Martin Aggett Level 26 - Dark Origins, by Anthony Zuiker
thebruce This is Not a Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming, by Dave Szulborski
thebruce House of Leaves, by Z Danielewski
thebruce This is Not a Game, by Walter Jon Williams
thebruce Codes, Ciphers, Secrets and Cryptic Communication, by Fred B. Wrixon
thebruce Catherine Halsey's Journal
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