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|Reality is Broken (Jane McGonigal)
!Reality is Broken (Jane McGonigal)
!39 Clues
!39 Clues

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ARGFest Catalogue Planning Wiki

ARGFest-o-con 2012 Toronto

The ARG Museum will have a display of collected Alternate Reality Games artifacts in Toronto at ARGFest 2012! Below you will find out how you can participate and help make the Museum a fantastic showing of creative items formed and collected during past ARG campaigns.

Come to Toronto, and get a hands-on look at some of the amazing talent that went into the design of many of these objects - from newspapers, to puzzley items, to character heirlooms - you name it! This is the stuff that helps to make ARGs that much more real and tangible.

Other ARGFest Museums

What is the Artifact Museum?

Every year at ARGFest-o-con, we set up a display of items collected by players over the years - all the way back 2001, perhaps even earlier!

How can I help?

Whether you attend ARGFest or not, you can help populate its display.

  • If you come to ARGFest, you can take along any items you'd like to display in the museum.
  • If you can't make it to the fest, you may wish to mail your items to someone who is.

Please Note:

  • We prefer all items to be registered beforehand, so that we know who brought what, and ensure that the items are safely returned to their respective owners.

Will my items be safe?

You can rest assured, we understand that while the street-value of most items are negligible, the personal value of many of these items is much greater, so we ARGFest staff keep a watchful eye while the display is publicly accessible, and the room it's in is locked the rest of the time.

If you don't want to have a particular item on display itself, you may wish to provide a copy, or a photograph - hey, it's better than nothing! :)

How do I register items?

You can register items in multiple ways.

  1. Fill out the submission form provided here with details about what you'd like to have displayed!
  2. Contact thebruce, toenolla, or davflamerock

ARGFest 2012 Museum Catalogue

Below is a list of campaigns we would love to see represented at the museum this year. If you have an item belonging to one of these listed below and you're willing to take it for display ARGFest, please follow the above instructions to submit it for the catalogue. If you have items belonging to a campaign that isn't yet listed below, please contact us!

ARG/Topic? Who What
5Gum: Test Subjects Needed thebruce Encased LED Icefly
Art of the Heist rowan Audi project card & LRR pin
ChangeAgents varin ChangeAgents (by Dave Szulborksi) CD and pendant.
Charlotte is Becoming Real rowan Post card from Anna, envelope addressed to P Martin, undiscovered San Diego note
Citizens of Virtue rowan humility, kindness, patience, charity, temperance, diligence, chastity cards
CTW 2: Catching the Wish Pixie Comic with details from "Chasing the Wish" written by "Dale Sprague"
CTW 2: Catching the Wish Pixie Map of Aglaura
CTW 2: Catching the Wish Pixie The Mask of Knowledge
CTW 2: Catching the Wish Toenolla The Mask of Man
Eldritch Errors varin My piece of the watercolor.
Eldritch Errors rowan trailhead package (minus coin), various notes from NYC event
Find the Lost Ring rowan Sophrosune, Thumos, Sofia, Mythopoeia, Dikaiosune stickers
Flynn Lives rowan stickers, space paranoids pin, 89 pin, encom badge
HETFET / Hellboy 2 rowan sticker, letter, and burnt paper
I Am Blind rowan card and glasses
I Love Bees rowan DVD
The IHC rowan letter from the IHC
Jejune Institute Ariock Chapter 1 Instructions and Postcard.

Chapter 2 Map.
Chapter 3 Instructions and Postcard.
Chapter 4 Postcard and Golden Mixtape with the Sounds of Elsewhere.

Last Call Poker rowan washington DC & NYC programs, set of chips, 2nd place card set from DC, GUN playing cards
Legend of the Sacred Urns varin A skull statue from the game.
Mare Vitreum DavFlamerock Crystal tablet from the "Mare Vitreum" event
Mark of the Spider-Man Ancalime Peter Parker's backpack: textbooks, notebook, shoes, photos and proof sheets, miscellanea
Monster Hunters Club rowan stuffed creature from the black lagoon
Must Love Robots John Willoughby small pink robot sew-on patch
Must Love Robots rowan post card from 011ie, transformers bag from NYC event, mbilf.biz mug
Orbital Colony rowan orbicon pamphlet
Perplex City rowan find the lost cube stickers
Socks Inc. John Willoughby Socks, inc card - postcard sized promo card "your hand has character - reveal it"
Tempus Umbra John Willoughby Commemorative t-shirts
Urban Hunt Pixie Dead Poems
Urban Hunt Pixie Newspaper Clipping about the "Cambridge Mental Hospital"
Veil Nanoscience Ryan Omark We have a few leftover post-game "thanks for playing" type posters, plus some of the brochures we used as the trailhead for the game.
Why So Serious rowan Harvey Dent campaign pkg: folder, 2 pins, letter & postcard

Previously represented:

Lost Zombies
Eklipse Global
The Black Helix
Animism: The God's Lake
Staff of the Magi
Studio Cypher
Township Heights
Opus Populi
St. Laudine's Academy
The Game is a Coverup
What is this game?
Year Zero
Levis - Go Forth
Super 8/Rocket Poppeteers
Clawshun Industries/Superman ride
There's Something in the Sea
Stop the International
Project Abraham
Violette's Dream
Mosaic Collective
Hex 168
Fear Net
Ruby's Bequest
Aguatero Industries

Other items/books:

What Who
Reality is Broken (Jane McGonigal) DavFlamerock
39 Clues Michael Andersen
Skeleton Creek Michael Andersen
Level 26 - Dark Origins (Anthony Zuiker) Michael Andersen
The Art of Immersion (Frank Rose) Michael Andersen
Cathy's Book Michael Andersen
House of Leaves (Z Danielewski) Rowan
Personal Effects: Dark Art Michael Andersen
Wired Magazine, Evan Ratliff special Rowan
Cathy's Ring, Cathy's Key
Past ARGFest-o-con items
Wired Magazine, JJ Abrams special
Wired Magazine, Underworld special
Trackers (Book 1 only)
The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt: Quest for the Golden Eagle
This is Not a Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming, by Dave Szulborski
This is Not a Game, by Walter Jon Williams
Codes, Ciphers, Secrets and Cryptic Communication, by Fred B. Wrixon
Catherine Halsey's Journal


We've yet to manage to fully re-create the watercolour painting from Eldritch Errors - if you have a piece from the initial rabbithole, please consider bringing it so that we may make the attempt once again to do so! :)

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